Dribl release notes – v2.1.06

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This article will detail the changes to the Dribl in the latest update.

Dribl App- 

  • There are two new official types  (Acting Coach and Acting Team Manager).

  • A new view of Calendar now Monday to Sunday – (not Sunday to Saturday).

  • The shield logo has been from a bye and replaced by the word “bye”.


  • New look match sheet  Vs Old match sheet view



New look Match sheet.






Old look match sheet.





  • The availability of referees is now visible in the Calendar.

  • New look check in tick for referees (blank tick instead of a red cross).

New look


Old look.


  • New look error messages



  • New look match stats




note: If you notice you have the old view match sheet, check-in and match stats you will need to update your Dribl app.

How to update the Dribl App =>




















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