How to specify your availability to perform match official duties (Web)


This article will demonstarte how to add an availability to your calendar.

Log in to your dribl account: https://app.dribl.com/signin/


  1. From the overview page select calendar. 

2.  Select the month you wish to update by clicking on the top left where it is displaying the month and year. 

3. to add/block availability click on the relevant date and select availability. 

4. Click the “+” to add an availability

5. Add start time (1) end time (2) Comment (3) and click save (4)

6. Click update. 

7. This will show up as a small green bar indicating availability for that weekend has been submitted.



To learn how to block out availability, click here : https://kb.footballnsw.com.au/kb/how-to-block-out-dates-on-your-calendar/



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