How to add Non-Accredited Referee to the Matchsheet (App)

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There will be occasions where an official referee has either not been rostered to a match (ie a SAP match) or the referee meets one of the below criteria, therefore cannot perform the post match tasks required for the electronic match sheet in Dribl:

For the official match referee to be able to complete the below process, he/she must have:

  • Been allocated or be able to self allocate themselves to the match as a referee
  • A Dribl access account with appropriate referee access
  • Been trained on how use Dribl to perform referee related tasks

If the referee does not meet the above criteria

In these instances the Home team Club admin, Coach or Manager will need to enter the details of the person who officiated the match as a “Non-accredited referee” into the Dribl App for the relevant fixture.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an important step to complete – as you are unable to allocate key data against the match such as the score until the “Non-accredited referee” details have been submitted.

  1. Click on Matches in the menu bar

2. Select the fixture you would like to add a Non- Accredited Referee to


3. Select the Match sheet menu option

4. Click on Officials 

5. Enter the First name and Last name of the person that officiated the match (irrespective if it was an officially appointed referee or volunteer referee that officiated the match)


6. Select the Official Type of “Non-Accredited referee

Add relevant comments as to why a non accredited referee needed to be added.

  • Click Done to complete this process

You will now be able to enter key match data post match such as the score, cards, subs and goal scorers.

** Please ensure the match data is entered by the home team official with the relevant match official providing the data from their notepad to be entered electronically into the electronic match sheet via the Dribl App.


Next step – as the home official enter in the post match data (with the referee) into the Dribl electronic match sheet =>

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