How to “Borrow” players for a specific match (App)

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The players, coaches and managers that are available for selection on the electronic match sheet by default are those that you have mapped to that relevant team via the team mapping process in Dribl web admin.

There are occasions however that you need to “Borrow” players from other teams within your club on a match day ie call up an under 20s player into the 1st grade team for a match.

The below steps will explain how to borrow a player from one of your other teams for a specific match.


1. Launch the Dribl app and select the calendar option

Selected the relevant the fixture

2. In the Match hub select Match Sheets tab

3. Select your team as the relevant Home or Away team for the given match


4. Tap  on the “+” icon, to commence the search for the player you wish to borrow and add them to the match sheet for the given match


NOTE – the Borrowed player will appear on the match sheet line-up with an orange “B” circled icon to indicate the player has been borrowed

5. Hold down on a player’s name to bring up additional options – Click on “Set Jersey Number

Note – please ensure you allocate the borrowed player a unique jersey number, do not allocate the borrowed player the same jersey number as an one of your existing players


If you have accidently added the wrong borrowed player, you can remove the borrowed player by pressing /holding down on that players name and selecting the “Remove Borrowed Member” option.

You can then Tap on the “+” icon, to recommence the search for the player you wish to borrow and add the correct borrowed player.


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