How to bulk activate Dribl access accounts (Web)

Club Administrators

Please follow the below steps to provide Dribl access accounts (Creates a username and password) for your clubs coaches and managers.

Dribl login credentials are required in order for your club coaches and managers to be able to make their team selections and administer the digital match sheets via Dribl Web Admin and/or the Dribl App.

Pre-requisite step: You will first need to approve the registrations in Play Football & Dribl to make your participants Dribl members prior to commencing steps below =>  How to make registrants Dribl members (Approve registrations) (Web)

Upon completing the pre-requisite registration approval process above, please proceed to follow the steps below:

1) Click on the Members menu

2) Select the “Filters” scroll down to Roles – only tick Coaches & Managers.

*Note only coaches and managers require Dribl accounts to administer their teams via web admin and/or the Dribl app

3) Still in the filter options scroll further down to the filter heading “Excludes or Missing” and tick the Account Email tick box

*This will ensure that a new account is only created for your coaches and/or managers that don’t already have a Dribl account.

4) Click Apply to apply the selected filter options

5) Select the Bulk Activate Members  icon

6) You will see a summary of how many members you are about to Bulk Activate Dribl Accounts  and also have the option to manually toggle off any member that you do not wish to have access to Dribl. Once happy with your selections click on Next

7) Another summary of how many members you are about to send activation email, again if happy to proceed – click on Send

8) You are presented with a warning message – click OK

9) Confirmation message process has been completed, Members can expect to receive their activation emails in the next hour.

Video demonstration below – How to Bulk Activate Members 

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