How to enter a Goal scorer – As a Referee (App)


The following explains how to enter goal scores on the Dribl app’s Match sheet.

*** Important note – All U18s and above are eligible for this process anything below does not have this functionality.


  1. In Match Centre tap on Schedule (1)/ Tap on the match allocated to you. (2)


  1.  Tap on Match sheet (1) / Under game tap on Goals (2).

3. Tap on the plus symbol.

4.  tap on the team’s icon (1)  / tap on the player drop-down menu.(2)

5. tap on the player who has scored the goal.

Note: only players that have been selected available on the Match sheet will appear

  1.  Tap on Period

  2.  Tap if the goal was in the first/second half
  3. Now enter the minute the goal occurred

    For any minute that is entered past the 90th minute in the period of the second half, the system will now automatically convert this to a format of 90′ + x’ minutes to reflect that this incident occurred in stoppage time of the second half.

    If a Player has scored an own goal you will need to tap Own goal

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