How to specify Starting line-up, bench and captain on the digital match sheet (Web)

Coaches and Managers

1. From the white menu bar – select Match Sheets

Here you will find all match sheets affiliated with your teams

2. To search for the team sheet you wish to view, you can narrow the search filters by clicking the “Filter” on the very right of the top menu.


A check box will appear, and you can begin to select the options you need. Here you can choose competitions, age groups, rounds, etc. and click on the Apply button.


3. To edit the starting players for a squad for a match sheet, Under the Action menu, click on the Match Sheet details icon to be taken to the match details page, indicating starting players for the upcoming game.


Note: The search bar above you can search matches you like to action

4. Give the players a jersey number and click update.

5. Click on the “S” circle to indicate Starting line up player

Click on the “A” circle to indicate player is Available in line-up but not starting (on bench)

Click on the “C” icon next to the player you want to nominate as Captain

Once completed click Submit Team button (2)


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