How to issue 2 yellow cards (=R7) on electronic match sheet (Web)


If the match referee issues 2 yellow cards in the 1 match, these 2 yellow cards combined cause the need to issue a red card (R7)

The below article will explain how to assign the 2 yellow cards to an individual via the Dribl electronic match sheet and how the Dribl system calculates that 2 yellow cards have been issued to convert to a red card (R7)

  1. Open the applicable match sheet and go to the “Cards” tab, click on the + icon to assign a card to an individual



2. Add the 1st yellow card  – click Save


3. Now add the 2nd yellow card to the same player – you will note you now receive a prompt when attempting to issue the 2nd yellow card “Player has already been issued Offence Cards and this Yellow Card will automatically be issued as a Red Card”

4. You will see the 2nd yellow card issued now has a Red Card icon with Yellow inside to indicate that this was the players 2nd yellow card, that has now converted into a red card

This completes entry of 2 yellow cards into the Dribl electronic match sheet


For club reference only

Under Member Offences you will see both Yellow card offence codes and the final offence of R7 listed for the individual


And you will see that the player will appear as suspended for their next match




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