How to specify your Captain on a Match Sheet

Coaches and Managers

1. From the white menu bar select Match Sheets. Here you will find all match sheets affiliated with your teams.


2. To search for the match sheet you wish to view, you can narrow the search filters by clicking the Filter icon on the very right of the top menu. A series of checkboxes will appear and you can find your team and age groups here. Click on the Apply button when you have the appropriate filters selected

3. To edit the captain for a fixture, search for the appropriate match sheet (1)  On the right-hand side, click on the Match Sheet details icon to open the match sheet (2)




4. click on the C on the player you wish to be your captain in your team.


Note: You will need to make the player available first before making them captain.

App version: how to complete all pre match electronic-matchsheet tasks via the dribl app



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