How to nominate a team to FNSW State Cup (For FNSW Associations or Club Administrator)

Club Administrators

Team nominations for the 2022 FNSW State Cup  are to be performed by Football NSW Associations on behalf of their association clubs.

The below process details the steps for Football NSW Associations to perform the team nomination process via the Dribl Admin system.

  1. Navigate to the Teams Menu
  2. Click on the Filter icon to search for the team you wish to nominate

3. Once you have found the team you wish to nominate – click on the “Submit Team to Competition” icon (Found on the far right side of the team option circles)

4. From the drop down lists on the below page – Select:

Association:  Football New South Wales

Season: Winter 2022

Competition: FNSW State Cup

League:  Select the relevant age group that the team will compete in from:

  • 12 Boys Frank Broughton Cup
  • 12 Girls Cheryl Salisbury Cup
  • 13 Boys State Cup
  • 14 Boys State Cup
  • 14 Girls State Cup
  • 15 Boys State Cup
  • 16 Boys State Cup
  • 15 Girls State Cup
  • 16 Girls State Cup
  • 17 Boys State Cup
  • 18 Men State Cup
  • 18 Women State Cup
  • 21 Men Robertson Cup
  • All Age Women State Cup
  • All Age Men Bill Cullinan Cup
  • O35 Men State Cup

Enter a short note about the nomination as well as any context relating to added players that the competition organisers should be aware of.

Press Next

5. On the next screen you have 2 options

i) Review and/or remove any existing team members (Team Members window on left side)

ii) Add any additional team members to the team nomination (Available Members window on right side) * Providing the additional members meet the relevant state cup team age limits – click the + circle to Add

Once you have made your required selections – click Next

6. You will be presented with a summary of the selections you have made.

  • If you need to make any alterations click Previous to go back and make relevant changes
  • If you are happy with all the selections – click Submit

The team submission request will be sent to the Football NSW Competitions team for approval.

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