How to define your availability (App)



This article will demonstrate how to block out/add availabilities for specific dates. You must define your availability to receive allocations.


  1. Click on the drop-down next to Matches to change to Schedule – (this is where you will find your pending appointments)

NOTE: Matches are where you will find appointments you have confirmed.

2. Click on View Schedule.

3. Click on the + (Plus icon)

4. Click on Add Availability.

Note: You must define you’re available to define that you can officiate matches on the selected dates.

5. Select date (1) time to and from (2,3) add any relevant notes (4) and click done (5) to complete your availability. 

NOTE: If you wish to add a recurring availability, you can use the frequency options as shown below.


If you wish to edit the availability, press and hold the availability and select Update.

NOTE: you also have the option to delete the availability if it was created in error.

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