How to washout a Game (Abandon function) via Dribl app

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As a match official, if you need to wash out a match you can do so via the “Abandon match” function in the Dribl App, which can be found in the Post Game options – under the Complete match sheet option,

** Note –  If the match is abandoned after kick off, any goals/cards/subs prior to the abandonment need to be recorded on the match sheet before marking the game as abandoned

As per the Football NSW competition regulations:

  • Unless otherwise stated, the Referee shall be the sole arbiter as to whether a game will proceed, having regard to the condition of the ground, the weather at the time of inspection and the projected weather forecast
  • The Home Club coordinator or his/her nominee is to communicate the Referee’s decision by SMS to Football NSW immediately after the decision is made.


  1. Via the match sheet tab – select “Abandon Match”
  2. A message will appear prompting you to write an incident report. Tap on the Plus symbol to enter the details for the abandonment.
  3. Your report should include:
    • When the incident happened (what minute)
    • Which players (team and number) were involved in the incident
    • Where on the field the incident occurred
    • Describe what you saw happen (clearly and concisely) including the
    • Describe what actions you took after the incident
  4. Tap Abandon Match

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