How to create a Send Off Report (Web)


Some send off reports are quite lengthy, so you may find it easier to submit this via the Dribl admin website

This article will demonstrate how to create send off reports via the Dribl admin website https://app.dribl.com/signin/


  1. From the Match Sheet tab, find the relevant match – then select Match Sheet Details.

2. Select Reports (1) and the + icon (2) to add a report. 

3. Select Report type (1) select Player (2) and fill in the following in the editable space (3).

  • When the incident happened (what minute)
  • Which players (team and number) were involved in the incident
  • Where on the field the incident occurred
  • Describe what you saw happen (clearly and concisely)
  • Describe what actions you took after the incident

Once complete click save (4)

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