How to view Member Offences (Cards issued) & Member Bans for your club/team

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The below process will explain to a club administrator or team coach/manager, how to view all member offences (yellow and red cards that have been issued) and any subsequent member bans (suspensions) that have been issued to members of your club or a specific team.


How to view all Member Offences (Yellow and red cards issued)


  1. Select the Member Offences menu option


2. On the Members Offence page, you will see details of the offence including:

  • The final offence (card code) that was issued (1)
  • The Date the offence was issued (2)
  • If the offence results in a ban, the Ban Created column (3) will display a green Yes label



If you would like to view the member offences just for 1 specific individual, you can refine your search by typing in the player’s name or FFA number in the search bar – Hit enter on the keyboard to search for their data specifically

You can also direct filtering by card type without selecting First, Second and/or Final Offence filters.  You can also filter yellow cards to show all members who are on anything between 1-10 yellow cards. Clubs that want to know which players are approaching the cumulative yellow card ban of 5,8,10 yellows will find this useful.

How to check Member Ban details (Suspensions)


  1. Select the Member Bans menu option


2. On the member ban page, you can view:
a) Start & End date of the Ban
b) Number of games banned
c) Number of games served
d) If the ban is still active

3. If a member receives a Date Range Ban, you can view the Start Date and End Date of the ban.

4. To view the related Offence report click on  View Offence Report

A preview of the report will appear on the screen


How to view all Member Offences on the Front End

State League => https://kb.footballnsw.com.au/results/

Futsal State League =>  https://futsal.fnswcomps.wpengine.com/results/ 

We can now see line by line detail of the individual player’s stats that are filterable by:

  • Date – every match played by the player for the season by date order
  • Competition – we can now filter by Competition to get stats specific to that competition ie to show me how many yellow cards he has picked up in NPL competition (across both 1st grade or u20s) with totals at bottom of page
  • League – Upon setting the competition filter we can now also filter down further to the specific league .. ie show me each game a player has picked up a yellow card specifically just in 1st grade or just in u20s (with the relevant totals displayed at the bottom of the screen based on the filters applied)
  • Round – Show me the player stats for a specific round
  • Home Team – Show me the player stats just for his home fixtures
  • Away Team – Show me the player stats just for his away fixtures
  • Based on a selection of any of the above filters, you will be able to view the score for that match, matches played counts and if the player scored a goal or picked up a yellow card, red card or a TD in each match.


Match Centre linking to fixtures – Upon clicking anywhere on the fixture line, this will launch the match centre for the relevant match providing more holistic insight into the overall match stats for the given match

If you believe any of the member offence or member ban data is incorrect – please contact your FNSW competitions coordinator

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