Dribl Release notes – v2.1.11

Club Administrators

Dribl Release notes April 2022 – v2.1.11

New: “Staff Roles”

The introduction of the Staff roles options will allow team staff members that are not Coaches or Managers to be mapped to their correct role in the team via the team mapping process => How to map team members

This will allow team staff that need to sit in the Technical Area on match days to be included on the match sheet with listed with their correct role.


Borrowing of Staff Members

You can now borrow any registered staff member at your club for any specific match

This is useful perhaps if you have a physio who is not a permanent member of your staff, but needs to be allocated to your match sheet just for that specific match day.

Click on the Borrow icon (Top right hand corner) and then select “Borrow Staff”

New – “Abandon Match” option

An “Abandon Match” option is now available in the Dribl App.

This can be found in the Post Game options – under the Complete match sheet option.

** Note – This is for use by Match officials only if there is a need to abandon a match.

Upon selecting the “Abandon Match” option:

Click “+” to lodge an Incident Report to explain why the match needed to be abandoned

Note there is an option to abandon the match without lodging an incident report, but please do not use this option. Any time a match is abandoned, it must include the relevant incident report


Introduction of Temporary Dismissal card type

and introduction into offence rules (for only Youth leagues fixtures)

Prevent borrowing a player who is already marked as suspended


Matchsheet reports, Forfeits, Disputes to indicate who created the match sheet report 

Stamps under the requests will show who submitted the report.

Addition of event status on the exports for roster and allocation exports

Forfeits, Disputes 


Match Official check in to administer match sheet

The referee must be checked in to administer the match sheet they are allocated to

Error message appears “You have not checked in to match” on score, subs, goals entry 


 Final extra time and penalty results allowed on match sheet for results type match

Applies to any league that uses finals matches format only 


Postpone email notifications added to notify for match changes

Postpone notifies anyone on the match sheet via email 


Forfeit notifications and emails

Recorder \ filter by Forfeit requested 

Email notification will be sent to all body admins of the association  

Event and result exports now exporting on all comps Inc Australia Cup 

Removal of view of refs appointed to their game when they generate a match sheet to be downloaded

PDF match sheet pre-match will no longer display referee names 

Dribl to add display of ref names post-match

Fixed ability to export age groups


Allow event to be set as postponed in the recorder tab

“Postpone” now appears as an option in the Recorder tab 


Full, time, extra time and penalties score display fixes

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