Full pre-requisite steps required to be completed by club admins to use the Dribl App on match day

Club Administrators

It is a requirement for all FNSW Competition matches to enter all match sheet data that was previously entered on paper, to be now entered electronically via the Dribl App.

To ensure this is possible, please follow the below Checklist Process and ensure that you have:

  1. Completed all pre-requisite tasks



2. Assigned the appropriate Dribl access to all club members that need to complete the electronic match sheet have been (Generally club admins, coaches and managers)



3. Activated the accounts, so that your members can set their password and login to the Dribl website or App (Same login)



4. Advised all club admins, coaches and managers to downloaded and/or update to the latest version of the Dribl App



5. Trained all your coaches and managers on how to complete their tasks in Dribl. Provided them with FNSW Dribl Knowledge base link to find relevant support material



6. Before leaving home – Print off paper match sheets as backup process only for any major issue with Dribl



7. Complete all Pre-match electronic Matchsheet tasks via the Dribl app



8. If you do not have an official referee allocated to your match / or the allocated official does not have Dribl access – process to manually add a match official to allow capture of key match data such as Scores, Goals, Substitutes & Cards



9. Complete all post-match tasks – ensure either the accredited referee or non-accredited match official has completed these tasks



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